Skeletons and Prozac (i should know better than that)

Cut my hair short when I feel like I'm not worth it
Look at me go, spending all of my gold on pretty things that shine too bright
When am I gonna see?
The clothes on my back don't make me beautiful 
But sometimes I just need a little bit of help to be seen

Capitalise on curious eyes 
Damn I feel good
Look at me go, take another one home
Waking up on foreign pillows
What am I gonna do?
They can't give the kind of love I need
It's hard to face the truth 
With a tilted mirror glaring back at you

I get uncomfortable when I feel vulnerable
Fuck it all up when I feel small
I take a lot of pride in building glass walls
Then turn around and cheer for them when they throw their stones
I've been running backwards up to a point
I get my kicks, when they draw their swords
Drown myself in red, paint a target on my back
But I'll be ok coz once I take my Prozac

Wash it down with a Mo√ęt or two 
Take a deep breath and untie my shoes
Lie down and wait for my lids to collapse
I really should know better than that.